Amahusu Ambon

Article in Afloat Magazine

The 2018 Spice Islands Darwin Ambon Race has drawn to a close for another year. With only 10 boats taking part due to a variety of reasons the event was still a raging success with many stories to be told. As usual it was a light start in Darwin Harbour although many were hopeful as…


Catamaran Dreamer

Last Saturday in Ambon, Joy asked me if I could write a few words on the sail we had on Dreamer. “Joy, I am sorry, I just can’t.” I can’t find any word to describe how good it was or what was good about it. It was so good… The sail, the amazing time ashore…


Five reasons every sailor should try a Darwin Ambon

I’m writing this as I fly home from my first Spice Islands Darwin Ambon Yacht Race. From before we left Darwin to well after we arrived in Ambon the race has been an incredible experience, one that I think every sailor worth their salt should attempt at least once. I must confess that before doing…